How to draw in energy

Do you ever feel as though you are depleted of energy?

Maybe you feel overly tired, or have difficulty starting or finishing tasks. 

Sometimes this is because we haven’t slept well. Or because we have a lot going on in our lives and it’s tiring being pulled in different directions. 

But it could simply be that you need more prana or universal life force.

When we feel that we don’t have enough of this type of energy, there are ways we can draw more of it into ourselves. 

In a lecture on the significance of the psychic centers, Dr. George King explained:

“We know that you can take this universal life force into yourself in three different ways. One, by eating; secondly, by drinking; and third, and most important, by breathing. You can go without food for a couple of weeks and still live; you can go without drinking liquid for several days and still live; but you cannot go without breathing for more than a few seconds and still live. So therefore, of the three ways of taking energy into our body, breathing is by far—by far—the most important way. And we do take in probably more universal life force through breathing than we do through eating or drinking liquids.”


The Cosmic Masters who spoke through Dr. King gave some potent ways in which we can recharge ourselves with prana. I have practiced these and found their effects to be subtle but significant. 

I used to start the day with a glass of charged water with lemon juice. 

When I started doing this, I didn’t feel any noticeable change, I would just have the glass of water and go about my day. 

I then moved house and I found that all of my regular habits were a bit out of the ordinary. I had to adapt to the new house, new schedule, etc. My habit of having charged water in the morning fell through the cracks and I stopped doing it. 

I noticed the difference immediately. 

So I didn’t notice how much the practice was helping me at the time but once I stopped it there was a big change.

Something you can try

Hold a glass of drinking water in one hand by the bottom of the glass.

Breathe in and imagine white light filling the whole of your body on the inbreath.

On the outbreath imagine the prana as a white light is flowing down the hand and into the glass and filling the water with light.

Hold the thought that you are charging the water with extra energy for a few breaths for at least a minute.

Then pour the water from one glass into another glass keeping as much space as possible between the glasses so the water molecules receive a greater friction and therefore become further energized. Repeat this process once more and then drink the energized water.

This is a modified version of the “Water Charging Practice” that you can find in the book Realize Your Inner Potential. If you are interested in finding out more about recharging yourself, Realize Your Inner Potential has over 40 spiritual practices, as well as several others that help charge us up.

Do you have any practices that you use to replenish yourself?