How to connect with your higher self

All of us have lessons that we need to learn in this life. Sometimes the lessons are clear and easy, other times we have more difficult lessons.

Having a strong connection with our higher self will help guide us through our lessons and help us make better decisions. 

In a Cosmic Transmission from 1957, the Master Aetherius tells us:

within you is all knowledge and all power…”

The higher self is the higher aspect of our own consciousness. It is our greatest teacher.
How can we make a connection with our higher self?

You are already doing so at some level: when you feel inspired to do something good; when you feel great compassion for the world; or when you feel a gut feeling about something. 

But this communication channel with your higher self can be opened more. 

One way to do this is to think more spiritual thoughts and take more spiritual actions. 

By constantly holding our consciousness at a high level, we are able to tap into our higher selves more easily. We can do this by studying spiritual material, performing spiritual practices and most importantly, helping others. 

The Master Aetherius continued his Transmission: 

“That is why I repeat again and again—all power and knowledge is lying dormant within you at this very moment. Be brave enough, dear friends, to reach inwards and grasp it. If you have never had full faith in anything in your lives before, then just for two days declare: ‘I will now have full faith in that statement.’ If you do so, then at the end of these two days, you will not find that your faith has withered like a rice seed planted in the desert through lack of water—which is power—but, like a seed planted in fertile ground, it will grow as this power comes to you. Then, never again will you turn back and become the person you were.”


I have a retired friend who always seems positive and balanced. She seems to be able to ride any wave that life brings her and stay positive. I have found her routine to be really inspiring. 

Every day she does some sort of spiritual practice, she gives service by performing The Twelve Blessings and she listens to a lecture by Dr. King.  

When I first learned that this is what she does everyday, I wished I had the time to do the same. 

I can see how this keeps her in a really positive, uplifting space. She seems to be able to get through things more easily. She has a practical attitude and moves through the ups and downs of life with grace. 

But I quickly realized that, although I couldn’t keep the same schedule as she does, I could still fit in a smaller version. 

Performing a spiritual practice and prayers in the morning doesn’t need to take a long time. Each one can be done in 10 minutes. 

And while I may not be able to listen to a full lecture each day, I can read a few pages of a spiritual book or an article in Cosmic Voice

Something you can try

Creating new habits is not easy, but we can start small.

For the next week, try to establish a new spiritual habit.

This could be sending out love and healing to the world through prayer (such as the New Lord’s Prayer), reciting a positive affirmation for five minutes, or practicing a pranayama breathing for a  few minutes.

See how this affects you throughout the week. I’d love to hear how you get on.

Dr. George King wrote an excellent book Contact Your Higher Self through Yoga. In this book, he gives a series of pranayama breathing exercises that can be used as a textbook for going within.