How to find peace

With so much war and strife in the world, on top of the difficulties that we face in our daily lives, how can we find peace? 

Looking at the news, it’s difficult not to feel affected. But we may also have our own financial worries, family problems, health issues, or even all of the above!

“Peace on Earth” is the title of a 1961 address in which Dr. George King spoke about the challenge the spiritual worker faces in trying to finding peace amid chaos:

“It’s very difficult to be at peace and to perform service at the same time. In fact, we are told to find peace and then leave it: and this is extremely difficult. 

“We are told to find peace and then leave it, not because peace is in any way an unholy thing—it isn’t. Not because it is not our heritage—it is our heritage. But we’re told that we cannot serve man and be at peace at the same time, and I’m afraid this is correct.  

“If you serve man you know, beyond a doubt, that this is correct. But still, even so, I think that we can hold on to, shall we say, some semblance of peace within ourselves as well as serve mankind.”

One way of dealing with stress and worry, is to focus our minds on something else. 

For example, focusing on work, or a hobby. It’s good to refocus the mind to something else so that we don’t overthink issues, or get even more distressed. 

But if we focus our minds on helping someone else, through prayer, healing, etc., then not only are we taking our minds off our worries, we are channeling our energy into something positive, which will also help us feel better ourselves. 

Not only that, but we invoke the law of karma in a positive way.


While I try not to get caught up in the news, sometimes there are stories that really affect you. This happened to me a few years ago. 

A new war had broken out and I was shocked at the news. I was worried about what the world was coming to. I was worried about all the lives that were being lost. I was distressed at how far away peace seemed. 

I raised my hands and said a prayer for the people in the area. I used the negative feelings I was having as a motivation to send out love to those who were suffering. 

It made me feel better. I felt like I was helping. 

My one prayer didn’t put an end to the war, but it must have helped, even if just to a small degree.
Praying for the situation also made me feel more at peace.

Something you can try

Spiritual practices are a very practical way to help you feel at peace. Practicing the first of the breathing exercises Dr. King taught is an excellent way to start feeling peace, and it can be done at any time in just a few minutes. 

Have you ever had a time when helping someone else made you feel more at peace? Please feel free to share.