You are what you believe

Henry Ford famously said:

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right.” 

I’m from Detroit, like him, and I grew up hearing this quote all the time.

His achievements were in the business world but this outlook also applies to spiritual things.

Attitude is a huge factor in success – and failure – in all areas of life. 

If there is a goal we want to achieve, the whole-hearted belief that we can be successful can greatly help us along the way. 

Dr. George King said in an address entitled “You Are What You Believe“: 

“So the lesson here this morning is to believe in yourself. To believe in yourself so much that you begin to manifest your hidden powers, and your hidden talents. And put this to use throughout the whole of your life for your own betterment, for your own position. And in this way, of course, you will change. And the change will become most noticeable—most noticeable. The shine will come back to your aura. Not might—will, has to.”

If we can just get out of our own way and believe in ourselves, we can do great things.

We can raise our vibrations. We can help raise the consciousness of the world. We can make great strides towards our own enlightenment. But it takes effort.


“I can do this.” 

There are many stories of people being able to achieve great things because they believed in themselves. 
I was trying to think of an example of when I have done this myself, but I realized that I couldn’t think of one because I don’t really do it consciously. 

But what I did realize is that I frequently say to myself: “I can do this.” 

When I am about to present an event and am feeling nervous, “I can do this.” 

When I am tackling a big task at work and I feel a lot of pressure, “I can do this.” 

When I am about to have a difficult conversation or meeting, “I can do this.” 

Because I have used this affirmation so much, I get comfort out of saying it. But I also believe it. 

I know that all the preparation, training and experiences in my life have brought me here and I am ready. I believe that I can achieve.

Something you can try

In his lecture “How to Become Really Successful“, Dr. King compares success in the material world with success in the spiritual world and shares a philosophy for spiritual success, stating: 

“You know, a man becomes that which he sees himself become. You can begin to visualize certain attributes about yourself now and, sooner or later, these things will begin to be a part of you.”

Visualization and belief can go hand in hand. But don’t just take my word for it, why not set a goal for yourself and spend a few minutes each day visualizing it. Of course, make sure that the goal is in all ways positive and constructive.

See yourself as achieving that goal. What will it feel like? How did you get there? 

Try to visualize as much detail as possible. Let me know how you find this practice.