Letting go

“Let it go!” 

Even if you’ve never seen the movie “Frozen,” you’ve probably heard that song or at least the phrase. 
At some time in our lives, we all have difficulty letting go of situations. 

We may feel an emotion so strongly it affects us for a long time. Or we are frequently reminded of a situation and that brings the emotion back. 

We’re only human. But holding on to feelings, situations or emotions that do not serve us well can only harm us. 

It is important to be aware of what we feel. In a Transmission from 1960, Mars Sector 6 says:

“You cannot detach yourself from that which you are not aware of. So therefore, become aware, then detach.”

If we feel angry, it’s important to understand why. Anger is rooted in fear, so what is it we are afraid of? Getting to the bottom of the situation can help us detach. 

Mars Sector 6 goes on to say:

“Become aware of the great spiritual truths and then attach yourself to these.”

Deciding not to focus on a negative and instead focus on a positive is better for us. It isn’t easy to train our minds to focus on one thing instead of another, but we can do it. And the more we do it, the easier it becomes.


I  remember a time several years ago when I was upset about something. I don’t even recall the reason I was upset now, but it felt like a big deal at the time. 

I spent far too long thinking about this situation. It went on for several days and I kept ruminating on it and getting angry all over again. 

While I was out for a walk, I realized that I had to let this go. 

I couldn’t keep thinking about the same situation and getting all fired up about it again. It was a waste of my energy, a waste of my time. And it wasn’t making the situation better. 

I decided instead to recite The Twelve Blessings. I refocused my mind and anytime this situation popped back into my head, I just had to refocus again. 

I felt much better after that walk. Not only because I decided to move on, but also because I felt like I had made an important step in controlling my mind and my emotions.

Something you can try

In his address “Let Your Love Shine Forth,” Dr. King gives us a practice to help us to get over our own emotions. 

“So let us just think of the great power of love which is within us, and let us try to radiate this in its pure sense. And let us get above like and dislike—that’s the most important thing—when we’re sending out this power. The way to teach yourself to get above like and dislike is to purposely send out an energy, not conditioned in any way, to those you apparently now dislike rather than to those you like.”

To send out power to other people, you can raise your hands in the prayer mudra and visualize a particular person filled with white light.

Visualize them joyful and healthy. See this white light fill their body and aura completely. 

You can even say a little prayer for them. Let me know if this practice helps you.