Improve your psychic powers

Have you ever wondered if you could become psychic?

The good news is, we all have psychic powers. Some people are able to tap into these more easily, but we all have them and we are all able to improve them. 

There are several different types of psychic abilities. Some people are clairvoyant, while others have a heightened sense of smell, hearing or feeling. 

In a lecture from Dr. George King in 1962, he tells us the best ways that we can develop these powers in ourselves:

“I believe that the two best ways of developing psychic powers—developing our own psychic abilities within ourselves—are service to others, with a detachment from the psychic ability, and spiritual healing.” 

By focusing on helping other people, our psychic abilities will naturally be enhanced. 


I am one of those people who at one time didn’t believe they had any psychic abilities. I think this was because I always thought of it more as seeing auras and knowing the future.

But one way in which I have found that I have a little bit of psychic ability is when I am giving someone spiritual healing. 

When I am putting my hands over a particular psychic center, I can tell if it is an area that the person needs extra healing on. 

It often feels like there is more heat on my hand, or there is a slight vibration. So I always stay a little longer on that center before I move on. 

This is something that has become stronger the more that I give healing. 

Many people, even people new to healing, have had this type of experience.

Something you can try

Here are a couple of experiments you can try to feel the energy that is used in prayer and in healing:

Power of prayer: An experiment (Part I)
Power of prayer: An experiment (Part II)

Learn more about this from Dr. King in his lecture ‘How to Develop Your Clairvoyant Powers‘ on Aetherius Cloud. 

Additionally, in a few recent Spiritual Freedom Show Podcasts, Richard Lawrence, author of Unlock Your Psychic Powers, talks more about how we can develop ourselves psychically.

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