How your thoughts create your reality

Our thoughts are things. What we think, creates our reality. 

So thinking positively will create positivity in our lives. 

Whereas harboring negative thoughts and feelings will bring negativity. 

We’ve all known someone who dwells on negative things and seems to attract more negativity to themselves.

But we’ve also known a really positive person, someone who always looks on the bright side. They seem to be able to deal with whatever comes their way in life more easily than the negative person. 

In a lecture called “Man’s Mind,” Dr. George King explains:

“The metaphysician, when he begins to study, he learns—probably before anything else—that he should not harbor so-called negative thoughts. 

And he begins to discover—when he stops himself from harboring these kinds of thoughts—he begins to discover almost immediately that he feels better in health, better mentally, more alert and certainly happier. 
He begins to discover this almost at once. He begins to discover that—probably—if he’s got the right teacher, that these negative thoughts, so-called, were actually interfering with the subconscious aspect of his thinking processes. 

And the subconscious will answer to this. And it’ll also answer to the opposite.”


I try to be a positive person, but I am far from perfect. 

At one point, I wanted to try and control my thoughts better, so I decided to train myself. 

Each time I had a negative thought, I would immediately stop it and instead focus on a positive affirmation, or say a prayer. 

For example, if I was having a negative thought about something, I would repeat the affirmation 
I am the Divine Presence which is creating perfection throughout my whole life.”

It has taken a while to make this mental swap a habit, but I can see that I am getting better at it. 
And as a result, I feel I am in a much more positive space. 

Something you can try

Affirmations are most powerful if they are said with true feeling and belief. They can also be really useful to say before you go to sleep. 

This can be just for a few minutes. When you are saying the affirmation, really believe every word. Put your whole heart into it. 

A good affirmation to start with is the one from Dr. King that I used: “I am the Divine Presence which is creating perfection throughout my whole life.”

Dr. King says that if we recite an affirmation like this for 10 minutes a day before bed, for 30 days, we will make drastic changes in our lives. 

Do you have any tools that you use to keep a positive outlook?