How to improve your memory

Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten why you entered it?

Or perhaps you forgot a meeting time was moved, or that you needed to buy milk while grocery shopping, or maybe you misplaced your glasses…

We have all had these kinds of experiences. Most of the time it is just a case of lack of concentration while we are performing tasks. 

Having a good memory is vital in our spiritual progress, as Dr. George King stated in an address in 1965:

“No one—this is a dogmatic statement after years of study—no one will ever be able to advance in any field of human endeavor, no matter what it is—whether it’s in the manipulation of the kundalini or the designing of motorcars … no one can do this properly without a good memory. This is one of the absolute essentials to success.”

He goes on to say that some form of self-imposed memory training should be undertaken by all people, especially spiritually minded people.


I like to bake. I went through a phase a few years ago of not remembering if I needed icing sugar each time I went to the grocery store. 

One day at the store, I found myself thinking: is it that I just bought some icing sugar and I don’t need to buy more? Or am I thinking about it because I need to buy some and have forgotten to add it to my grocery list?

When I got home and found that I already had three bags of icing sugar in the pantry, I knew two things:

1) I better start baking, and
2) I have to work on my memory

I found that by practicing the “Breathing and Recharging” practice found in The Practices of Aetherius, my concentration improved. I was able to be more efficient in my work.

This improved concentration and allowed me to be more present in my thoughts and conversations, which in turn improved my memory. 

Something you can try
At the end of your day, try to remember everything that happened that day. Not just where you went or what you ate, but the conversations you had, decisions you made, what you learned, etc. 

Try to remember with a lot of detail, even how everything felt. If you can’t remember something, just sit with it and give it time to come. 

This practice will help improve your memory.

If you’re interested in learning more practices to improve your memory and concentration, I recommend the following. 

Let me know how you get on.