How to have psychic protection

Psychic protection is important to everyone on the spiritual path.

As we develop ourselves spiritually, we can become more sensitive to outside influences, both positive and negative.

In 1964, Dr. George King gave an address on psychic self-defense. He leaves us in no doubt that the most common cause of so-called interference is our own negative thoughts and actions.

However, there are times when outside interference can happen.

So, how can we tell the difference?

Dr. King says that before we can determine if we are experiencing interference from an outside source we must first evaluate our imagination and our physical health.

Dr. King:

“Often, when run down physically, as most of us get, we are prone to hallucination. Our resistance is so low that we are unable to fight things like common colds, flu, etc., and because of this lowered resistance in our physical health, some people wrongly conclude that their colds, their flu, their sprained ankles, their broken legs, are a direct action of the dark forces who are waiting behind a corner to pounce on them.”

We also have to look at our previous and present wrong thoughts. 

The law of karma says that action and reaction are opposite and equal. We reap what we sow. 

If we have sent out negative thoughts, we can expect some kind of negativity back. In this case we have brought this upon ourselves, rather than it coming from an outside source.

This is why it is so important to control our thoughts and to always try to be more optimistic than pessimistic.

Something you can try

One of the most potent ways to cleanse yourself of impurity on a mental and psychic level is to continually charge yourself with the Violet Flame. It is also an excellent protective practice.

This video talks more about how to use this potent spiritual practice.