How to be really successful

Do you consider yourself successful?

Many believe that money is the best measure of success. After all, if you have money you can take care of yourself and your family. 

But if this were so, why do so many people who have a lot of money feel empty and unfulfilled?
Focusing solely on material goals does not bring lasting joy. 

In the lecture How To Be Really Successful, Dr. George King talks about two different kinds of bank accounts. 

Firstly, we have our regular bank account and secondly, our spiritual bank account.

In our spiritual bank account, we store the karma of all our actions, good and bad. For example, if we help other people, it is a credit to our spiritual bank account. If we harm others, it is a debit.

Once we pass on, we leave our physical bank account behind. But the balance of our spiritual bank account comes with us and will help shape our next life.

So true “success” is creating a positive karmic pattern for ourselves, because this kind of success is much more rewarding and has a much more significant impact. 

While it is important to have financial goals, our spiritual goals are where we should invest most of our efforts, because they pay dividends in our future lives.

Dr. King also tells us that visualization is a very powerful tool that we can use when trying to reach a goal:

“You know a man becomes that which he sees himself become. You can begin to visualize certain attributes about yourself, now, and sooner or later these things will begin to be a part of you.  If you visualize strong enough that you are fit and well, taking everything into consideration, you will become fitter than you are now. And if you do have an accident or some kind of a disease, or some kind of a breakdown in your health, you will overcome it quicker than you would do normally.  So the power of your visualization can be made to work either against you, and it works against most people, or for you. And it works for you if you visualize the right things.”


I was in my apartment at a time when I was considering applying to become a Minister in the Aetherius Churches. 

This was far outside of my comfort zone and, prior to this point, I was not sure if I felt ready.
But I was curious what it would be like and I knew it was a positive spiritual goal to have. 

I closed my eyes and tried to see myself standing behind the podium at our Temple in Los Angeles. 

I tried to see the people in the congregation, lights facing towards me, ministerial robes on my arms. 

I saw myself raising my hands and reciting prayers with the congregation. I tried to imagine the nerves and other feelings I may have while leading a Service. 

To my surprise I started to want to take this step in my spiritual journey. It became a goal that I was really enthusiastic about and it started to feel much more natural to me. 

Something you can try
“One good visualization practice I think is this. Is to sit quietly and, without using any stress or strain, try to visualize yourself as doing excellently well those things that you want to do. Now by the things you want to do I am supposing now that these things are good and true. And I believe if you do this in the right manner and often enough, sooner or later you’ll do these things.  It’s a very simple thing. It’s a very obvious thing. It’s something which very few people do but I believe that if you do it, it can be one definite stepping stone towards success.” – Dr. King, How To Be Really Successful

Visualization takes effort and Dr. King gave some guidance in case our minds wander.

“If your visualization begins to slip, as it will in the beginning, then I would suggest you cut it off immediately and you get up and do something. Do something simple of a materialistic nature.
Get up. Walk around a room. Go and write a letter to somebody. Do anything to take your mind immediately off the visualization so that you will not dwell on the negative aspect that suddenly came into your mind.” 

Dr. King says that if we practice visualizations in the right way, and often enough, sooner or later these will manifest. 

Have you ever had a visualization that really helped you reach a goal?