How do you know when you’re doing the right thing?

Have you ever found yourself facing a decision where you didn’t know how to proceed?

We make decisions everyday and some are easier than others. 

What do I want to have for lunch today? … What should I do over the weekend?

But the difficult decisions can weigh on us heavily. 

You may have to decide to leave a job, or a relationship. You may have to decide if you are going to move, or whether to have a life changing medical procedure. 

Sometimes we decide to take a path, and later on find out it isn’t the correct choice and we have to take a few steps back and start again. 

Worse, other times we feel we are stuck with our decision and have to stick it out no matter what.


How can we know we are making the right decisions?

First, we can start small and work on the easy decisions of the day. 

What do I want to eat for lunch? 

If we make a healthy choice, we will feel better, have a clearer mind and have the energy we need. 

The more good decisions we make on the small things, the easier the bigger decisions will be. 

It also can be a training exercise to tap into our intuition, and the more we listen to our intuition, the stronger a guide it will become. 

Intuition is the “voice” of the Divine Spirit within manifesting through the mind – it is the highest part of ourselves “speaking” to us.

Developing your intuition will help you to cultivate better judgment and to make better choices in life using the wisdom of your own Higher Self.

While the intuition is always right, the difficult part is “hearing” the intuition amidst the din of worldly clamor we fill our minds with every day.

But once heard and recognized for what it is – we need to act upon it decisively. 

Dr. George King spoke about training our intuition in 1961:

“Now, you might say, “Well, alright, we have this intuitive ability. How do we train it?” There’s only one way. There are not two. There’s one. That is to listen to your intuition and act upon it, and the more you do this the more it will be trained. You must, within your mind, within yourself, within your heart, try to differentiate between your basic conscious likes and beliefs, and the higher guidance which comes from within you.”

I remember a time when my intuition surprised me. I was moving and having to look for a new job.

A friend of mine offered me a job in her small business.

I had previously worked in a smaller company but I wanted to work for a larger company that would allow me to grow, and have greater flexibility.

I didn’t feel like I was in a position to turn the job down because I didn’t have any other options at the time and I had no idea how long it would take to find something else.

But I did know that I really wanted a change, and that the long commute this job required wouldn’t leave me much time to volunteer at The Aetherius Society. 

I sat down in a quiet space to tune into my intuition. Some people have tools that help them do this. At the time I was using the I-Ching.

To my surprise, I was guided to not take the job.

Even though it seemed like I was leaping from one trapeze without the other in sight, I decided not to accept the job my friend had offered me. As it turned out, it was the right decision.

It wasn’t long after that I ended up getting a great job nearby – a job which also allowed me the flexibility to be available for The Aetherius Society whenever I was needed.

Something you can try:

Your Higher Self will also guide you towards performing spiritual practices – mantra, prayer, positive visualization, affirmation etc. One of the greatest of these practices is yoga breathing.

This is what prompted Dr. George King to write the booklet entitled Contact your Higher Self through Yoga – a textbook which helps you to do exactly what the title says.

If you regularly perform the simple yoga breathing in the system devised and clearly explained by Dr. King, you will contact your Higher Self.

If you are interested in developing your intuition more, I recommend checking out the intuition and psychic powers section of Aetherius Cloud. You can listen to as many recordings as you want for the first week for free.