Everyday in every way you are getting better

None of us are perfect. We have all had times where we said or thought something we later regretted. 

We may have had a heated argument with someone. Or maybe just been really annoyed in traffic.

Sometimes we are stressed and we take it out on someone close to us. Losing our cool doesn’t feel good after we have calmed down. 

Sometimes it’s something small we can brush off. Other times it keeps us up at night, and we may even remember it years later out of the blue when we are trying to fall asleep. 

Why did I say that? I would never say that now. I feel so bad about it! 

Thoughts are things, and, positive or negative, they have an effect on us and everyone around us, to some degree.

Every thought we have is sent out into the sea of mind around us.

If we have a good thought, it will change this sea for the better.

If we have a negative thought, it will change this sea for the worse. 

A malicious, vengeful thought against another person, for example, is not a harmless, powerless indulgence – it will actually affect them! 

Someone who allows themselves to be swamped by negativity, resentment or jealousy is not only harming themselves but others too – even people they have never met. 

Whereas someone who is filled with gratitude, selflessness and kindness is making themselves a channel for a much higher frequency of energy.

This means we all have the opportunity to help people more than we may realize. By thought alone we can – believe it or not – help the world around us.

Something simple we can all do is to start thinking in a more positive way.

Something you can try

Positive affirmation is one of the best “brain medicines” and it’s something anyone can do. The best time to practice affirmation is right before you go to sleep (though you can do it anytime).

Why not practice saying the following affirmation for just 10 minutes tonight. Try to say this with a lot of feeling; really mean it when you repeat it.

“Every day in every way, I am getting better and better and better and better.”

If you don’t have it already, Realize Your Inner Potential has over 40 different spiritual practices, including other affirmations, which can help us control and transmute negative thoughts so that they are no longer harmful to others. 

While we may still have arguments, or negative reactions, at least we can control the outcome better. And in time, with spiritual practices, we can improve our control of our thoughts and actions. 

Let me know if you have any experiences practicing this affirmation, I’d love to hear how you are getting on with it.

Love and blessings,